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Announcing a New Novel Published by
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by Award-Winning Author RD FOSTER
or, "Put a Flashing Neon Light on my Tombstone"

The Honky Tonk Life cover photo TheHonkyTonkLifecover_zpsb592cd0d.jpg

It all started with the old bus that Honey (promising young actress and famed Hollywood sex goddess) discovered, quite by accident, in a totally secluded spot in the piney woods of Northeast Texas. But there was something about that bus. Like, just how the hell did it get there?, for one thing. And little did Brady know he would soon find himself on one hell of a road tri back to the early days of real homemade American music.
 1957 GMC 4104
The Great Music Revolution of the 1960s would change the world forever. Ce Ce was a blues-singing cabaret dancer from New Orleans; Billy Ray was a guitar-playing cowboy from Texas. In a swirling saga of Sex, Drugs and Honky Tonk Music they vowed to make their mark. Even if it killed them.

The Honky Tonk Life     the Honky Tonk Life     Put a Flashing Neon Light on my Tombstone

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One Day as a Lion by RD Foster

North Texas Book Festival 2009

Cpl. Bill Bryan

Cpl. Bill Bryan
Navy Cross

True Stories of the Vietnam War

One Day as a Lion is a gut-wrenching reminder of the war and social revolution of the 1960’s. This was a time when patriotism was not always the norm and when soldiers and heroes were often treated shamefully by their own people.
RD Foster takes a unique look at these brave and often unsung heroes of Collin County, Texas. Most, little more than boys, were transformed into men through extraordinary circumstances and volatile situations. These are the stories of those who did not return and how and why they died. The intense action of the firefights and attacks include well-documented information and eye-witness accounts on positions, weapons, and units involved, both friendly and hostile.
Award-winning author, RD Foster, himself a Marine Corps veteran of the Vietnam War, portrays each of the twenty-one fallen heroes’ stories of this then rural North Texas area, with a finesse and dignity that is sure to earn the respect of both the academic and military readers. Also included are copies of the personal letters, official military records, telegrams, and newspaper accounts of the actions fought and the deaths suffered that would forever change America.

"One Day as a Lion is a graphic and powerful reminder about who we are and how we lived and died. This is a must-have account for all academic instructors and military students, much less the families, friends, and loved-ones of the servicemen and women of today. The lessons learned are why many of our gallant Vietnam Veterans could never really come home." Thomas W. Freudiger, Digi-Tall Media

Read an excerpt from "One Day As A Lion"

Book Reviews by Rodney Williams and Alicia Pike

"A former Marine, Foster knows what he's talking about, and it's that inside knowledge that really helps move this book along ... One word of caution here: One Day As A Lion is an unflinching look at war. It gets up close and personal and pulls no punches. If you're looking for a candy-coated collection of obituaries, look elsewhere. " Rodney Williams

"Ronnie D. Foster has captured the true spirit of the Vietnam War. His remarkable work, ONE DAY AS A LION, brings humanity and insight to an often-overlooked conflict, and to the often-overlooked heroes who fought it. I heartily recommend this incredible book, and will continue to do so both on and off air." Ray Pasquin – The Ray Pasquin Show  New York City. 

"*What did I do on Labor Day? I finished Ronnie Foster's "One Day as a Lion". Many times I had to put the book down because my heart just couldn't take any more. Thank you Ronnie for putting me as close to the war in Vietnam as I ever want to get. I could almost hear, see and smell the battlefields. You brought me into the lives of each of those young men and their story. I could picture them at Steffey's, The Ritz, the Minute Cafe, the Mill Block, McKinney High School - I walked those same hallways. I have now wept for them. May we never forget." J'Nette Chambers


One Day as  Lion by RD Foster

Russell Steindam MoH
1st Lt. Russell Steindam
Medal of Honor

3rd Recon Bn



 Everett Blalock became well known as a brilliant singer/songwriter/musician and the leader of a three-piece folk group called Last Train Runnin'. During the mid 1960s, the very popular trio seemed to be well on the road to success, and often touted as 'The-Next-Big-Thing' in Folk Music. However, due to the rise of Rock & Roll, Folk Music soon became an afterthought. Everett found himself broke with nowhere to go and hopelessly in love with Holly, a beautiful young coed, whose wealthy parents didn’t like him at all. With her father's political connections, the young man who wrote and sang about peace and love suddenly found himself on top of the Selective Service list. Terrified of being drafted into the Army and becoming an infantryman in Vietnam, Everett instead enlisted in the Navy on the assurance by a recruiter that with his college degree there was no way he would be an infantryman in the war.
But, the Navy had different plan. Everett’s story begins as a squad of US Marines prepare to establish a listening-post on a small hilltop in South Vietnam. Everett Blalock is the Navy Corpsman assigned to the detail.

Meanwhile half the world away in Austin, David Westerfield, a journalist and student at the University of Texas, who with his affluent family’s connections, had managed to avoid the draft and became active in the anti-war movement. David, one of those guys who always had good intentions, seemed to be constantly getting into trouble, especially when it came to writing about politics, and often had to depend on his folks to get him out. Trying to help him avoid trouble, David’s editor-in-chief, an old friend of his father, assigned him the job of writing a story about ‘Whatever Happened To "Last Train Runnin," the band that had been called the ‘Next-Big-Thing in Folk Music.’ Little did David know that writing about politics was child’s play compared to what was to come.


Reader's Reviews

*Last Train Runnin is a First Class Ride. This is an exciting, fast reading book. The chapters are not to long, the characters are interesting, and, while it is a Vietnam era book, it's not an overwhelming theme. The author writes the way I think. I look forward to his next book.

* Great story for every palate

* Grabs you from the first page and the story keeps you in suspense and moves expertly from one main character to the next. The book never slowed its pace and the ending is brilliant. Whether you are a Vietnam veteran or were a war protestor, this book has something for both. The author's sensible approach to that war is refreshing and entertaining.

* Well, sir, I finished reading your book and all I could say at the end was Wow! It is a great read; I stayed up way too late last night reading it. My dang eyeballs started sweatin' this morning as I read about Next Train Runnin and Blalock's son & Williams' nephew. You did a fantastic job. I told a computer salesman from
Springfield, MO, about your book Friday afternoon and he says he's gonna buy it. I'll do all I can to get the word out. Thanks for an outstanding book. Semper Fidelis, FS Vietnam Veteran

*Just finished the book again.... Kinda frogged up at the end... absolutely a wonderful experience, even for the second time... I am looking forward to reading it again next year and the next... good job... RM

*I ordered your book and it arrived last Friday. Finished reading it today and can truthfully say I really enjoyed it. Congratulations! MB

*I just finished your book. It took awhile as I had to put it down for awhile each time I started crying. It was very good and I hope you will receive an award for best first novel!

Vicki R

*I read your book, it was very good! Thanks for serving our Country and thanks for this book and the viewpoint you wrote it from. GB

*I just finished reading "Last Train Runnin." A good read -- better than I expected. It was one of those stories that you can't put down for very long; it connected. I'd sure like to hear some of RD Foster's songs.  SC Vietnam Veteran

*Got to finally read your book, and can't say enough good things about it. Could hardly put it down and now I'm looking forward to the next one. Could tell you had a lot of personal experiences woven into the plot and brought back a lot of memories and reflections on my part. Congrats on a great job! What's the latest on your next endeavor? Thanx again for the great read!!! Just Another Class of 66 Critic.....Mark S Vietnam Era Veteran



A Regular Spinning Top by RD Foster

Original Texas Music from some of the originators of Texas Music, including Bugs Henderson, Brent Rozell, Joe Copeland, Donnie Mac,
Jas Stephens, Milo Deering, Kent Horn, Scott Taylor, and more...

All songs by RD Foster

"I'm A Regular Spinning Top" on YouTube
"When I Fight the Devil" on You Tube

A Regular Spinning Top
... With Blues, Folk and Country-Rock influences, RD Foster's genuine Texas Honky-Tonk sound will make you play this CD over and over again ... " Texas Music Magazine

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I'm A Regular Spinning Top by RD Foster

"Raydeo X"

 The idea of RAYDEO X comes from RD Foster's lastest novel, The Honky Tonk Life. Get ready for 23 tracks of Sex, Drugs and Honky Tonk Music, featuring 45 of the hottest players in North Texas. Great Texas Music entertainment for fun-loving consenting adults - Not intended for anyone under the age of 18. Click on the back cover for further details.

Raydeo X Part 1 on YouTube
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