I've known Donnie McCutchen since junior high school in McKinney, Texas. When I formed the Red Dog Rangers in 1978, he was the bass player, and when Donnie passed away in 2007, he was still the bass player. Not only was he a great bassist, he played guitar, wrote songs, and was a fantastic entertainer.


Donnie told me many times that "Cowboy's Life" was his favorite song. It'll never sound the same again without his yodeling.


Donnie Mac with his sisters 6th grade 7th grade 8th grade
9th grade 7th grade football #22 9th grade choir McKinney High School
10th grade choir   1964 - the 5th Beatle The Non-Chalants Donnie
Pat and Donnie McCutchen Bill Brown, Danny Haynes,
Turtle, Donnie
Donnie at the Prairie House in Mesquite, Tx with daughter, Jennifer; grandkids, Andrew, Nicholas
RD, Donnie 1996 Jerry Biggs, RD, Donnie New Year's Eve 1997
Prairie House in Aubrey, Tx
Margaret Talkington, Pat, Donnie Red Dog Rangers 2006
Joe Copeland, Donnie Donnie, Kent Horn Donnie 2005 RD, Donnie,
Mike Sanchez
Donnie's family
Donnie loved kids ... ... Christmas program 2007 Andrew, Donnie Joe, RD, Andrew, Donnie Donnie makes a new friend
Grandaughter, Eva 2007 Brent Rozell, Donnie Donnie, RD 2003 RD, Donnie, with the Wendel Brothers Polka Fest 2003
Pat and Donnie RD, Donnie   Donnie, Brent 2006 - USMC
Birthday party
Prairie House 1997
Bill Brown,
Blues Night at the Prairie House
Donnie, RD
Pat, Donnie Red Dog Rangers 1998 Jas Stephens, Donnie,
Brent, RD
RD, Donnie At the American Legion in McKinney 2007 - Joe, RD, Donnie
Our last gig together.
Donnie Mac 2007 Pat and Donnie
Sam Taylor and Donnie
as Cheech and Chong
Pat on ... ... Donnie's birthday    

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