Photos From My Career in Music   
These are pictures of people I've worked with, and some favorite pictures from over the years.
I still have a lot more and will be adding them.

RD, Will Barnes, Billy King RD, Melissa Etheridge
NYC 1989
Terry McBride, Bruce Chanell, Sugar Dave Milsap
Nashville 1986
John Fogerty, RD
Columbus, Ohio 1987
Trina, RD, Kerry
Raydeo X
Trina Foster, Kerry Shuler
Red Dog Ranch
Will Barnes Maynard Ferguson, RD
At the Grand Canyon  1990
Bugs Henderson Donnnie Mac
1964 The 5th Beatle
Marty Stuart, Lester Flatt
Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt McKinney Bluegrass Festival
Ronny Spears, Randy Rodgers Dave Alvin (The Blasters), RD LA 1991 Ray Benson
(Asleep at the Wheel)
RD at Farm Aid, 1987
Lincoln, Neb
Bill Brown Kent Horn Mike Sanchez Neal McCoy, RD,
Doug Flutie, Gary Mac 
Greely, Colo
RD, Bugs Henderson Trina, Kerry Ray Wylie Hubbard, RD Joe C., RD, Donnie Mac 2007
Our last gig with Donnie
RD, Huey Lewis,
Terry McBride, Don Weis
San Francisco 1987
Rick Derringer,
 Jeremy Slate, RD
Monterrey, Ca. 1990
Edgar Winter, RD
Hollywood, Ca 1990
Donnie, Kent, and future star
Kerry, Trina Joe Copeland RD, Delbert McClinton,
Gary Mac
Phoenix, 1990
Steve Bassett, Dave Milsap, Delbert
Solana Beach Ca. 1987
RD and Donnie with the Wendell Brothers Mikey and Kerry Melissa Etheridge,
 Bruce Hornsby
Boston, 1989
Kevin McCormick,
John Shanks, RD,
Melissa, Fritz Lewac
Victoria, BC 1989
Dizzy Gillespie, Al Hurt,
Maynard Ferguson
Detroit 1991
Al, Dizzy, MF
RD, Ed Sargent
(MF's Tour Mgr)
Bruce Galloway
(Sound man for MF)
Raydeo X girls Lewis Stephens, James Pennebaker, Rockin' Ron Thompson, RD, Joe C. Grumpy, Donnie Mac, RD, Trina, RD, Texas Trevor
The Old Top Rail, Dallas
Ronny Spears, RD
The Old Top Rail
Nichole Spears, Trina RD, Will Barnes
Brent Rozell, Donnie Mac
Kent Horn 1978 Buck Cave Jas Stephens 1998
Yorktown studio
Recording "Spinning Top"
Russell Cunningham
Adair's Dallas
RD, Scott Taylor 1978 Kent, RD, Will
Crystal Clear Studio, Dallas
recording 'Marijuana Polka" 1978
Gary, Dr. Larry Wolloch
(One Life to Live), RD
Trina (Raydeo X)
On the road necessities in 1990 Trina Pat, Donnie McCutchen
John Inman
Donnie Mac, Kent, RD
USMC Birthday party 2006


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