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In the summer of 1988, I received a call from George Straitís bus driver, saying Iíd been recommended for a well-paying driving gig for an eight-week tour. He didnít know who the gig was with, but thought it was Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. Accepting the job, I flew to Indianapolis, met the owners of the coach, got in the bus, and drove to Minneapolis where I was to pick up the band at the airport. The guys who owned the bus had leased it through a broker out of Nashville and didnít know who the principal was either. They only knew that the band consisted of five males and one female. At the airport, I didnít know who exactly I was looking for, but as the passengers disembarked, I had no trouble spotting five musicians, and one road manager. I introduced myself and found out I was driving for Melissa Etheridge. I had never heard of her at the time, it was her first tour with a band, but I was soon to discover what an incredible rocker she is. On that tour we played all the major cities in the US and Canada. She, as well as the members of her group, were fun to be around, respectful, and very pleasant to work with. It was an enjoyable eight weeks.


Melissa Etheridge Band 1988 RD Foster Music
Melissa Etheridge 1988 RD Foster Music Kevin McCormick 1988 RD Foster Music John Shanks 1988 RD Foster Music
Fritz Lewak, Melissa, John Shanks, Kevin McCormick, Gregg Melissa Etheridge
at the Beacon Theater NYC
Fritz on drums Kevin on bass John Shanks, keyboards and guitar
Melissa Etheridge on stage 1988 Melissa Etheridge and Bruce Hornsby
Greg - Stage Mgr. 1976 Silver Eagle The band on stage John, John Molo (drummer for Bruce Hornsby), Kevin Melissa and Bruce Hornsby
Melissa Etheridge 1988 RD Foster Music Melissa Etheridge 1988 RD Foster Music Melissa Etheridge Band 1988 RD Foster Music
John's birthday, trying to blow up a balloon.
Melissa shows him how. Victoria, BC - The dressing room ceiling was 5' high. Sound check in Connecticut Kevin, John, RD, Melissa, Fritz
Melissa Etheridge 1988 Montreal
Fritz A night off in Montreal Toronto record shop with Melissa's album displayed. She was everywhere in Toronto John Shanks NYC
Melissa Etheridge Band 1988 RD Foster Music RD Foster and Melissa Etheridge 1988
Kevin backstage North Carolina New York City The band, about to go on stage- with Tim, the Road Mgr. RD Foster and Melissa Etheridge backstage at the Beacon
  Silver Eagle Onboard the
Victoria BC Ferry
Victoria Bay