Twenty Years on the Road
The World Through A Windshield
(More photos coming)

1976 Silver Eagle 1965 GMC 4106 1957 GMC 4104
The Bayou Club Georgetown
1976 Eagle
Vail, Colo
Don't want to ride in this bus.
Hank Wiliams Jr
Vince Vance's Eagle ... ... hit while parked in Alabama A clean bus is a happy bus... ..inside and out.
Alice Cooper
Columbus, Ohio
George Thorogood
John Fogerty
Fayetteville, Ark
It was always something. Another breakdown.
Delbert's new bus
(I wasn't driving)
Saratoga Springs, NY
Tower of Power and Huey Lewis' busses.
Alabama Jam ... ...1994 Driving my life away
Be careful what you eat on the road!        


I10 Mojave Desert -Delbert's bus in the mirror... driven by Gary Mac. I'm driving Maynard's bus. That's Delbert taking my picture. What are the chances that we're in the same place at the same time? Welcome to Cali
I10 near Indio
Dinosaurs in the movie...
"Pee Wee's GreatAdventure" Not far from sunny LA. RD near San Louis Obisbo Pacific Coast Hwy,
N. California
Hwy 101 RD at the Golden Gate San Francisco Bay
Ed Sargent
In Mike Duke's convertible Golden Gate Bridge
California cropduster California seagulls Red Woods... in northern Cali N. California in the fall
Closed due to earthquake San Francisco SF - 97 cents a gallon Humbolt County's finest Fairmont Hotel
San Francisco 101 southbound I80 westbound Donner Pass on I80 Cal-Oregon border
I5 Oregon Seattle Downtown Seattle Backstage in Seattle Southwestern Canada
1986 World Expo Vancouver BC Downtown Vancouver Steam powered clock Gastown - Vancouver Ferry to Victoria Island
BC Ferry Sister ship Victoria BC - harbor Dinner and a show  


From Las Vegas into Arizona Welcome to Nevada Hoover Dam Welcome to Arizona on
Grand Canyon
  Nevada Vegas after midnight
I-15 southbound
Looking out my hotel window The Landmark, Vegas
Vegas Stardust Nevada highway
1-car wreck...
...on a long straightaway. Go figure. Snoqualmie Pass, Washington
Great Salt Lake Utah Welcome to Idaho Aspen, Colorado Red Mountain Pass Telluride
A snowy Colorado highway Sunrise in Montana Wyoming traffic jam... ...Hwy Alt 14... ...Road was out
due to landslide...
...no pavement for 10 miles. Buffalo in the road. Yellowstone National Park Utah Welcome to Idaho again.
New Mexico (east) New Mexico (west)      


Texas crop duster

Caravan of Dreams



Backdoor mirror Tyler, Texas

Samarai Saki House
Oklahoma City

Welcome to Nebraska Backstage for Farm Aid II

Welcome to Tennessee
I-40 over the
Mississppi River

Memphis Pyramid
under construction


Mississippi crop duster


Kansas Gig at a racetrack in Iowa Harness racing Welcome to Indiana Lexington, Kentucky
St. Louis Minnesota Ohio Welcome to Virginia Welcome to Kentucky
Kansas City, the calm before the storm The storm Thornton Lee, trying to appear innocent. This means you! At a show with Waylon Jennings in Wisconsin.


Detroit Fon du Lac, Wisconsin Green Bay A common sight

West Virginia sunrise.

Quick midnight snack      


The Florida Keys Myrtle Beach, SC North Carolina
Outter Banks
Ferry to Okrakoke Island Onboard the ferry.
RFK Stadium
Washington DC
Lincoln Monument Washington Monument White House Security Philadelphia
Bus from my hotel room
Veterans Stadium, Philadelphia 1986 Ric Flair
The Anderson Brothers
Great American Bash Wrestling in Philly FDNY NYC cab
Street in NYC NYPD Amp on a skateboard NYC - Shell game Iguana on the roof of the Lone Star Cafe NYC
Massachusetts Ferry to Martha's Vineyard Martha's Vineyard, Mass Boston's narrow streets New Hampshire in the fall

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